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All our animal companion microchips and readers are approved for use Australia wide.

BCDS is a trusted supplier of animal companion microchip products supplying directly to authorised implanters operating in Australia, including vets, pet stores, animal shelters, breeders and zoo keepers.


Companion Animal Microchip

Our glass-encapsulated microchip is fully compliant with ISO standard 11784 and is approved by the NSW government under the NSW Companion Animal Legislation, and AS5018-2001 Standard for other states. The chips are manufactured in the most progressive, state-of-art fabrication plant. They come sterile, and are packed in a chip/needle and implanter set which includes a set of 6 barcode labels.
Microchip scanner

RT100 V8 ISO Microchip Scanner

The RT100 V8 ISO Microchip Scanner is manufactured by Real Trace, one of the leading suppliers of ISO compliant microchip scanners in the world. Easy-to-use, portable scanner that is well made and built to last. A simple one button operation and large scan area makes locating a microchip easier. Communication via Bluetooth is limited to around ten metres and depends on the environment of your PC.

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