BCDS Healthcare Solutions Team understand that running a hospital is an enormous logistical challenge.

Many hospitals currently rely on barcodes and other labour intensive processes to track and manage assets, inventory, patients, medication and more. These methods divert time and attention away from the primary focus of quality patient care and are often inaccurate measurements as they rely on busy staff members with other priorities.

BCDS at Healthcare Expo 2018

BCDS Healthcare Solutions Team visiting our business alliance partners at the 2018 Australian Healthcare Expo at the ICC in Sydney this week (March 21-23).

Learning more about where and how technology is evolving in the Healthcare Industry is always a priority for us to further develop our solutions for our clients.

BCDS have a number of automated data-capture and RFID technologies that have improved health organisations processes and workflow which have proven to instantly cut costs, improve time management and emergency response times and help eliminate healthcare risks.

RFID in hospitals is vital to achieving operational efficiency, staff and patient safety and increases pharmaceutical quality and authenticity. The Association of Australian Medical Research estimates that every year in Australia approximately 15% of the average hospital’s mobile assets are lost or stolen during their useful life and a staff member wastes up to 60 minutes trying to locate assets every shift. BCDS have developed an RFID Solution for healthcare organisations, including hospitals, that can track patients from the moment they check-in and tracking all medical equipment and inventory.


“The BCDS team helped the SAN Hospital go from a manual and inefficient based system to a fully automated RFID real time location system. Their Engineers listened to what we wanted, helped us understand what we needed and designed, developed and implemented a leading edge healthcare solution that we are proud to own.
BCDS have been agile to our requests even if, at times, it is after hours, on the weekends or during the holidays and alike to ensure we are always well supported. The RFID system is now hospital wide and delivers a level of achievable accuracy to the SAN that has never been possible in industry. This allows our systems, processes and staff to act more proactively and less reactively in achieving an industry leading healthcare institution.”

Wendy B, Project Manager, RFID Patient Tracking Project at Sydney Adventist Hospital