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Inventory Management

The right approach to Supply Chain Management can benefit businesses significantly. End customer demands and expectancy levels are higher than ever, and companies are finding it hard to keep up.

Over the last few years we have worked with a number of large corporates, and integrated RFID technology with our own Inventory Management Software, InTrack, for complete visibility of stock across the whole supply chain. From manufacturing, warehouse management, operations, higher management to the end customer. By introducing RFID to the supply chain it instantly becomes more precise, efficient and reliable.

InTrack: Reliable and Simple RFID System for Inventory Management

InTrack is a web-based RFID system, which leverages the latest mobile network technologies, streamlining your business functions by automating your inventory management processes.

We have successfully improved the manufacturing, warehouse and store environment. It can be implemented with various data capture technologies such as barcoding, data-dot, direct part marking and fixed or mobile RFID readers.

InTrack Inventory Tracking

Cross Platform RFID System

Stay ahead of your competitors with InTrack Enterprise’s cross platform solution. Create a mobile work environment whereby your employees are able to work remotely and on a range of devices. Schedule tasks via a range of consumer devices such as iPhones, iPads or rugged mobile devices synchronised to your central system.

In the office, InTrack delivers enhanced functionality to assist with stocktake scheduling, automated reordering, stock level warnings, consumption trending reports and replenishment ordering scheduling.

Being RFID ready, BCDS can implement InTrack into your business as a complete automated RFID Inventory Management Solution

Can I get a demo or trial before purchase?

Please contact us to request an online demo with one of our InTrack specialists or to request a trial account.

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