Asset Management

More and more clients are wanting to find out more about RFID technology and how they can apply it to tracking assets. Applying RFID technology enables real-time visibility which, instantly improves internal business efficiencies by giving time back to employees allowing them to focus on the more important things.


BCDS have developed an off-the-shelf Asset Management Software, built to track assets that have applied barcodes, and RFID labels and tags making integration cost-effective, with minimal disruption to current business processes. Established partnerships with leading RFID manufacturers and vendors have given us the leverage required to provide our clients with unrivalled asset management systems that suits the business requirements, and future needs.

AsTrack: Your Secure and Easy-to-Use RFID Asset Tracking Software

Track and trace your assets within an office, warehouse or store environment with our industry established asset tracking software.

Web-based and leveraging the latest mobile network technologies, AsTrack streamlines your business functions by automating asset management processes. With a choice of technologies that may be implemented, BCDS can provide you with a complete automated barcode or RFID tracking management solution for your Australian business.
AsTrack Asset Tracking

Cross Platform Solution

AsTrack Enterprise is a cross platform solution that sets itself apart from its competitors,compatible with a range of consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets or weathered mobile devices,. With mobile capabilities across Android, iOS and Windows, your employees will be able to work remotely across a range of devices.

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership

AsTrack ensures low cost implementation by leveraging off existing mobile devices, as well as a low total cost of ownership and an easy to use interface. BCDS Solutions can provide customisation to ensure that AsTrack does what you want and how you want it. At the office, AsTrack delivers enhanced functionality to manage job scheduling, field force tasks, logging defect notices, stocktaking, loans, issues and returns. It can be setup to provide information in real time or in batch mode with a synchronisation to your central system. BCDS have also integrated AsTrack to the latest passive and active RFID tracking software to provide a complete RFID asset and management solution. By integrating RFID tracking, you can achieve perpetual stocktaking and automated asset management tasks. The cutting-edge RFID tracking technology that BCDS specialise in allows you to minimise your effort and total cost of ownership in implementing a complete software package for all your RFID Asset Tracking and Management requirements.

Can I get a demo or trial before purchase?

Please contact us to request an online demo with one of our AsTrack specialists or to request a trial account.

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